Telecoms Providers Nightmare Scenario?

Posted on: November 5, 2019 10:29 am
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Downtime in Telecoms – Your role in averting Armageddon!

Do you understand the impact of a loss of telecoms for your business? How much does your infrastructure rely on connections or monitoring through phone lines? Even with the best will in the world and comprehensive contingency planning, incidents occur that will result in urgent maintenance or repair work being carried out to get the networks back up and running again. However, what if your engineers are unable to restore the telecoms network as they don’t have the correct components? What will the impact be for your business? Don’t risk it we can help.

How will downtime hurt my business?

Consider the impact of colleagues, clients and customers being unable to contact the business. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, most systems require the internet to function, so you could be facing hours of downtime with all business network systems unable to operate. Perhaps this means machinery ceasing to operate, vital information that’s inaccessible and the financial cost of missed appointments, meetings and potential loss of sales from your business being offline. Whether you experience a loss of critical services or essential data, you’ll need to consider both the financial and legal implications of telecoms downtime.

What will being offline cost me?

As if the above scenario isn’t painful enough, consider the additional cost of having engineers on site who cannot complete the job because they don’t have what they need. You are wasting money from being offline, as well as paying for the engineers’ time, who cannot fix the problem. For your business, supplying telecommunications to your customers – downtime can prove very expensive in terms of lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. The cost of downtime includes lost customers (new and existing), and additional factors such as stock reductions, loss of marketing hours and the increased media budget needed to rebuild the profile of your organisation.

A Helping Hand

Don’t panic as there is a simple solution when you urgently need to get software, components or parts to your engineers. Each minute that passes with your business offline, you or your customer are losing money or risk being penalised as part of your service level agreement. The answer? Choose All About Freight – an experienced courier service offering same day delivery across the entire UK.

Forget wasting time and money, with your stress levels spiralling out of control. All About Freight are experts in getting goods where they need to be at any time of day, every day of the year with a same day dedicated delivery service.